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Youth Peer Mediation

Fun Conflict Resolution Training For Schools & Youth Of All Ages

School Peer Mediation Training Best Sell
School Peer Mediation Training Best Sell
School Peer Mediation Training Best Sell

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School Mediation Workbook Peer Mediation Training

Welcome To Youth Peer Mediation

Youth Peer Mediation is America's #1 Choice for training youth in conflict resolution, school mediation and youth restorative justice practices! This student mediation training system is a Train-the-Trainer model that is perfect for training youth ages 9 to 18. This peer mediation workbook promotes restorative justice, peer power, builds school moral, and decreases bullying! In-fact, it is proven to interrupt the negative behavior pattern of the bully! This youth peer mediation system works to restore the Bullied and the Bully.

This mediation handbook is perfect for training:​​

  • Elementary, Middle School, and High School Students

  • School Staff (Teachers, Principals, Deans, Counselors, Security, etc.)

  • School Mediation Associations

  • Parent Teacher Associations

  • Youth Restorative Justice Programs

  • Youth Courts

  • Community Groups and more

School Mediation Workbook MediationTraining Set Mediator's Handbook
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Perfect for School Mediation Associations
Perfect for School Mediation Associations
Mediation Benefits
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Youth Peer Mediation Training Manual... Make Sure Peace Shows Up! 

The purpose of this manual is to provide easy-to-follow instruction in peer mediation training for youth.  The methods provided have a documented track record and have been thoroughly tested and proven by the authors, who have been mediating and providing mediation training to youth and adults for over 25 years.

Mediation is an effective alternative to . . .

*   Bullying      *  Fighting    *Physical Violence   *  Verbal Violence


Mediation saves time, energy, and cost spent on conflict by REDUCING . . .

*  Punishment    *  Suspensions    *  Expulsions *   Physical Damage    *  Emotional Damage     *  Property Damage


Mediation helps student to meet daily conflicts with improved critical thinking skills.

Mediation also creates a more peaceful environment. 

Mediation Handbook and Books on Mediation

A Preventive Approach!

Over 85% of the average social service dollar is spent on treating preventable problems rather than on actual prevention approaches.

Youth Peer Mediation aka Increase-the-Peace skills development training is a prevention approach.  It is effective in countering the deep-rooted reality of dis-empowerment that shows itself in low self-esteem.  

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Buy Youth Peer Mediation

Buy Youth Peer Mediation Now!

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Youth Peer Mediation 

Training System

Mediation Training Curriculum For Students

"Everything you need to develop your own mediation program! Start training your students & staff today."

This mediation training set includes the following: 

Youth Peer Mediation Manuals:

Trainer's Manual                       2

Student Manual                       20


Mediation Forms                     50 

Role Plays                                50

Posters                                       7

Mediation Reminder Cards    23

Certificates of Completion      23

Mediators Badge                     23  

Mediators T-Shirt                    23

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Peer Mediation Authors

Meet The Authors

Mediation Curriculum For Schools. Author of Youth Peer Mediation and Everyay Mediation.

Dr. Patricia Boozer

A Yale graduate, with over 50 years of developing and implementing training programs. In 25 years of mediating, has mediated over 800 cases with a 95% success rate. For many years Dr. Boozer has facilitated various workshops pertaining to workplace mediation, family mediation, and school mediation nationally. She is Founder and President of Pinnacle Publishing of New Haven, Connecticut.

Mediators Handbook. Author of Youth Peer Mediation For Schools

Timothy Newsom

With over 25 years of mediation experience and implementing training programs. Timothy has mediated hundreds of cases pertaining to gun violence, gang wars, workplace conflict, domestic violence, and racial diversity issues. He also has a Paralegal background and has served as a Courtroom Deputy for the United States District Courthouse. He is Vice President of Pinnacle Training and Publishing of New Haven, Connecticut.

School Mediation Training Tips. Author of Youth Peer Mediation.

Duke Porter - Boozer

With over 25 years of mediation experience and designing and implementing training programs. He is 

co-founder of SNDH Youth Services of New Haven Connecticut which has trained thousands of youth in conflict resolution and mediation. Through this venture Mr. Porter-Boozer operates a computer recycling 

program which offers refurbished computers to inner-city youth.

Youth Peer Mediation Training. Author of Youth Peer Mediation Training Manual

LaRie McGruder

With over 25 years of mediation experience and designing and implementing training programs. She is 

co-founder of SNDH Youth Services of New Haven Connecticut which has trained thousands of youth in conflict resolution and mediation. She is also the former Training Director of Community Mediation of Hamden, Connecticut.

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Train With The Authors

In these interactive and engaging workshops, the joyful and insightful  authors of Youth Peer Mediation, Everyday Mediation,  and Teach Myself To Mediate, Dr. Patricia Boozer, Timothy Newsom, Duke Porter-Boozer, and LaRie McGrude, will help you learn how to resolve any conflict that may arise in your school or organization. Meet the authors and "Learn To Mediate The Fun Way!"

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Author Workshops
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 Customer Testimonials

"Wowed by your workshop and presentation!"- Girl Scouts' of America

“Fights decreased 33%.  Other violation decreased 42% (assaults, harassment, class cuts, insubordination, disrespectful behavior, and offensive language)”  William G. – High School Administrator

"Unique workshop. Gave us opportunity to view first hand urban problems and possible outcomes."  Girl Scouts of America

“This program (In-House Youth Peer Mediation) expanded our efforts for schools to become more self-sufficient in dealing with daily conflict between students in our schools.”  Dr. Mayo – Superintendent of Schools, CT.

“Other schools and youth-serving organizations would benefit from such a self-sustaining In-House Youth Peer Mediation Program as well.”  Dr. Mayo – Superintendent of Schools, CT. 

“It has taught some of our students that they can resolve problems before it leads to a fight or administrative issue.”  Cynthia M. – School Counselor

“Students feel confident during mediation and have applied skills even outside of mediation.” Adnana C. & Kelly B. – Teacher & Administrators

“Our Administration has been conducting informal mediations with certain individuals after concerned classmates have provided us with information of potential conflicts.”  William G. – High School Administrator

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Customer Testimonials
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