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You Dissed Me... A Lesson In Conflict Resolution, front book cover

12 PACK You Dissed Me! The Cool Person prevents conflict. Conflict Resolution

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Youth Mediation, Restorative Justice, and Conflict Resolution for Youth.

This set includes:

1 Teacher's Guide

12 Student Workbooks


This is workbook # 8 in the Cool Calm Clever Series - Leadership Training Program for youth and afterschool programs. This series is made up of 8 different workbooks.


Included in the Training

Learning these conflict resolution skills will change a verbal attack into a lively, exciting problem-solving discussion and prevent the advanced stage of a physical attack. 

  • Learn your conflict style.
  • Examine ways to understand and control your anger.
  • Learn the ramifications of conflict.
  • Learn the skills to communicate with angry people.
  • Learn alternatives to violence. 


32 Pages


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