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Bookmark- I'M PRINKIE Generations

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I'm Prinkie is the first installment of the "I'm Prinkie... True Stories Series" by Patricia Ann Boozer. This series is designed to be inter-generational.
  • I'm Prinkie by Patricia Ann Boozer

    Each day around sundown, my grandmother, Mama Kazie and I would come together, maybe, as a closure for that day. In the spring and summer, we would work in the flower and vegetable gardens. In the fall and winter, we would gather wood and sit around the fireplace. Whatever the season, she would talk to me during these activities. But, the fall and winter season sessions were the best because we would have Fireside Chats. Mama Kazie would recite poetry, tell funny stories, scary stories, and talk about her childhood. She only completed up to the eighth grade in school, but she was the most intelligent person I have ever met in my entire life.

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